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Fall 2020 Trends: Tops That Keep Things Interesting!

Undecided about trying the ruffled sleeveless trend?

Tops with puffed shoulders or interesting ruffle details on the shoulders have been showing up for at least the last two seasons and they will be coming back this fall.

An exaggerated puffed sleeve may be too intimidating to try for the majority of women, but for a transitional top, a moderate ruffle accent on the shoulder can make your outfit look more modern.  As the weather changes, keep a blazer handy when the evenings get cooler.

These tops are also great if you’re aiming for an hour glass look.  The details on your shoulders can create the illusion that you have broader shoulders and a smaller waist.  Pair your top, or dress, with the right belt and you can achieve that look.  

Here’s a tip for women with a bustier chest.  Keep the shoulder & sleeve details delicate and simple. If possible, a more fitted top around the chest will balance out the puffy sleeves with the rest of your body.

Don’t be afraid to try any variation of this trend.  Let’s keep it interesting ladies!

Are you into this trend?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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