Motivation is a Myth

Today I want to talk a little about motivation.  

We tend to look at “Motivation” as what pushes us to accomplish our goals.  When you’re looking to change your habits, like when you’re looking to lose weight, your initial motivation is what keeps you engaged in the process.  It’s that feeling that drives you to act.  Like when you’re running a race, when the gun goes off, you run out of the gate with so much energy.  You’re exited and you go all-in.  

However, motivation is a feeling and feelings are fluid.  They tend to come and go.  That’s why we can’t always count on motivation because it will not always be there.  It doesn’t matter how many motivational quotes you read, sometimes it’s just not there.  Unfortunately when you lose motivation, most of the time, you quit.  I know because I’ve been there many times.

So how can we stay better engaged in the process of accomplishing our goals?  

Here’s a thought.  Instead of looking for ways to stay motivated, how about you set clear goals for yourself.  Once you know what you want to accomplish, set a plan, and make a commitment to yourself to see through the process.  Commitment my friends, not motivation, will be what will keep you moving forward for the long haul.  

Let’s go back to the example from running a race.  When you sign up for a race, you know that you need to prepare in order to finish.  You have a clear goal.  You find a training plan to follow and you begin the process of preparing for the race.  You commit to it and you train to make sure you accomplish your goal.  Motivation will be high in the beginning of your training and will go up and down and diminish at the end of your training. This usually happens as your training gets more intense.  And if you’re not fully committed, more than likely you will give up.  

On the other hand, if you commit and endure the suck of those days that you’re not motivated, you will end up finishing your race and accomplishing your goal.  And let me tell you that once you’ve gotten passed the finish line… the feeling of accomplishment trumps any day you wanted to call it quits.  You’ll carry your medal with pride as a badge of honor for all the hard work.

So what’s the moral of the story?   Don’t look at motivation for your source of energy to accomplish your goals.  Make a decision to commit to yourself and your goals… this will keep moving you forward. Commitment is much more powerful than any fleeting motivation you may have.  

I’ll leave you with that.  Until next time, I’m wishing all of you a stronger and healthier life.

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