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What to Look for to Find the Right Athletic Leggings for Women Over 40

Ever wonder what leggings work well for women over 40?  Are you wondering why age would even matter?

Let me tell you, it matters.  Women in their 20’s and 30’s are at their prime.  At this age, your body and skin are as tight as they’re ever going to be. So, for the most part, most styles, prints, trends and cuts work well for them. 

Women over 40… well, our bodies have been through a lot more.  By this time, many women have had kids, some have had varying weight fluctuations, or a group of women are entering the preliminary stages of menopause.  These factors throughout the years have left a lot of us with visible body marks or with different body shapes.  I know you know what I mean!

Whatever the case may be, our bodies are different.  And that’s totally ok.  I just don’t want for you to waste your time looking for recommendations for leggings from a 20-year old.  If you’re over 40, and resonate with any of the things I mentioned, I’ve come up with some key things you should consider before you buy your next pair of gym leggings. 


High wasted leggings are absolutely great to help us cover the midsection of our bodies.  These leggings help shape and cover our tummies.  If you have a mommy pooch, if you’re carrying some extra weight in the midsection, or if you have any loose skin around your belly… high waisted leggings will help conceal that area.


Leggings with a bit of compression help to shape your body and to tuck in certain areas.  For example, there are some leggings in the market that have compression bands at the waist that help give you that added support, but they also help give you more of an hourglass shape.  Some leggings also have compression around the hip and bum area to give the illusion that you have a tighter, or shapelier bum.


These are some things to consider when looking at colors for leggings.  Lighter colors tend to highlight your lower half and, depending on the fabric, might show more of your imperfections.  Darker colors, on the other hand, are much better at camouflaging and might work best for those that carry a bit more weight on their lower half.  For example, I have cellulite on my legs and prefer darker colors that help hide it. 


To add variety to our leggings collection, we might go for prints.  I know everyone loves a good print!  However, beware because flashy prints, like those popular leopard print leggings that we’re seeing all over Instagram can make you look about a size bigger.  Prints add a visual interest and will call the eye to that part of your body.   If your goal is to look slimmer on the lower half, then either stick with solid dark colors or look for leggings with dark/non-flashy prints.  


The feel and performance of the fabric of your leggings matters.  You want to find fabrics that feel good on your body.  Also, depending on the workout, you want to have leggings that help you perform your best.  You want to find sweat wicking leggings for high intensity workouts.  You want fabric that dries out quickly, so you don’t feel drenched in sweat afterwards.  

As for coverage, you want mid to full weight fabric for your leggings.  If you’re going to squat or bend over, you want your leggings to cover your bum area.  Leggings with good solid fabric will also help hide any imperfections.  So, try to stay away from light-weight fabric and look for fabric with a mid-to-full range coverage.    


One of the last things to look for are the small details that finish out the leggings.  For example, the pockets.

If you go walking or running, it’s a good idea to have some pockets to help you store your keys or phone. Maybe you don’t care if you’re doing a high intensity workout session at home or at a gym, but some might want to carry their phone during a weightlifting session.  

So, that’s it for today ladies.  I hope you find this helpful as you hunt down your next pair of go-to athletic leggings.  Go out there and find the leggings you love working out with!  

I’ll be linking a video to this post where I’ll review my favorite leggings and will tell you what exercises I use them for.  So, stay tuned for that ladies.  

Until next time, I’m wishing you a strong and healthy life!

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